BRUUR. You never drink alone.

Our goal with BRUUR is to connect people. No matter their Backgrounds, Roots, Cultures, Gender, Age, Sexuality, Education or Religion as we brothers try to do to.

We are conscious that we bring alcoholic beverages to the people. Sorry for that…
But we do love our beer as a common ground with many beings and it’s power to connect.
Therefore we recommend to consider every BRUUR and see it as an opportunity to share, explore, talk, create, cheer,  with your BRUUR’s in crime.

What are we drinking? 


finds its citrusy character by infusing the beer with fresh hops & YUZU. Combining
this with our belgian saison yeast, offers the typical dry and sharp tones of

our BRUUR.
Fresh Yet Experimental.


is a very refined and to the point destillation.
No bullshit.

Juste tring to get to the essence of our main ingredients in there...
Juniper berries taking the lead as it should, our fresh Yuzu peel kicking in some acidity and the Kumquat balancing it out with its sweetness.  

Did you know... 

BRUUR. Was originaly brewed for a circus performance of Collectif Malunés,

The contemporary circus company that drives and supports us to experiment and develop our products, with the aim to share it in cultural contexts!


BRUUR. De l'art a boir. 
Marcel Vidal Castells

The multitalented artist/performer behind our colorful label.
Don’t hesitate to get yourself a BRUUR. to admire the detail of his work!

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